My new course is up on Pluralsight!

If you’ve been wondering where I am been – I’ve been putting down my thoughts about HTML5 development with native mobile apps – and its now live at Pluralsight!

If you want to try it out you can start a 10-day Free Trial –

In this course I cover the three “major” mobile platforms and how to build a native application on each of the platforms while re-using much of your UI and business layers by writing them in HTML5 and JavaScript.

I also cover responsive web design (media queries) and how that applies to mobile HTML5 development.

I also cover cool things like enabling the web inspector in the UIWebView by using the _enableRemoteInspector call.

So please check it out :)

One thought on “My new course is up on Pluralsight!

  1. Hi Jon,

    Great course you shot at pluralsight. You were right about the oooh and aaah reaction the first timeI one sees the media screen size detected real time.

    Thanks for this great course.

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