WF tour of Ireland! Yippee

So I currently am doing a tour of user groups in Ireland talking about WF.  Could not be a better combo – one of my favor countries in the world – plus one of my favorite technologies!  Yipee!!!!

Anyway if you are in Ireland and reading this – here are the dates:



Galway; Thur, Dec 7th, 7:30pm – Harbour Hotel
Cork; Mon, Dec 11th, 7pm – Imperial Hotel
Limerick; Tue, Dec 12th, 7pm – Pegasus Suite, Clarion Hotel, Steamboat Quay, Limerick
Dublin; Wed, Dec 13th, 7pm – Morrison Hotel
Belfast; Thurs, Dec 14th, 7:30pm – Queen’s University:

Please come.  And yes blogging will continue on technical topics soon – I felt sympathy for Kimberly Tripp (  I have been to Hong Kong, Norway, Turkey, and now Ireland just since the end of September!  Love those miles – but now have lost my luggage for the second time.

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