Monthly Archives: April 2013

Where I've been…

Sorry this blog has been quiet. I’ve been heads down getting new courses up on Pluralsight.

I plan to be back here on a more regular basis as I get into the groove now of moving from doing mostly instructor lead training to online training. I’m really enjoying the transition, and I think Pluralsight is in the forefront of this area.

Here’s a couple of the courses I’ve done recently.

1) iOS for .NET developers  – since refocusing my work on HTML5 and mobile – I found the need to be able to deal with native code on mobile devices as well.  iOS is my favorite mobile OS (the one that I use every day at least).  So I went to dig down into that.

I’ve written and talked a lot about building Hybrid mobile applications - and I still think that Hybrid applications have a great future for almost all apps – and a great present for a wide range of applications.

But the limitations are there for many apps today – so the best option IMO (and I’ll be blogging more about this in the coming days) is to go native.

Objective-C and xCode aren’t as scary as many .NET developers think and this course should help jumpstart you if you want to make the leap from MS technologies to Apple.

2) Introduction to xCode


In keeping with my move over to iOS I thought it was important to have an xCode course in order to help all iOS developers master their tool – so I hope this course does that.

3) Introduction to Arduino

I’ve always been interested in Arduino and prototyping hardware designs.  Working with Pluralsight gave me the change to purse this interest and I hope this course is useful for other people who want to do the same thing.

4) Mobile First Responsive Web Design

This one just came out today!  If you are interested in learning more about Responsive Web Design and how to do it using a mobile-first approach this course is an introduction for developers to learn the ins and outs of the concepts – as well as the tools and skills you’ll need to be able to implement responsive designs.