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More on the Don and Chris and David (Langworthy)

As much as I am enjoying the PDC and all the REST love, I also am really excited about M

Expect more posts and information on M in the next few weeks here on my blog (this post is really mostly motivational for me to get blogging again :)).


I’m also pretty excited about Windows Azure, hosted solutions might not be for everyone, but I think there are a lot of interesting things that might be good to host off-premise (if I write “Cloud” my wife is going to hurt me, because she thinks its the most idiotic technical jargon word she’s ever heard). I’ve actually been playing with the beta bits, and I’ve been super impressed with the development environment and the runtimes.

PDC Keynote – Windows/.NET platform in the "Cloud" – Windows Azure

So I’m here at PDC – I plan to post nuggets of data here to my blog.  I am going to keep a running count of new stuff announced relating to REST thought.

All the APIs for this new platform (Windows Azure): storage, queues for communication are all RESTful endpoints.


I’ve been talking about REST  –  and as I’ve been doing it, I’ve been hinting that more and more stuff from MS would be based on the principles of REST.  9:30 – one hour into the PDC and already a big announcment IMO.

Looking forward to PDC

The PDC is coming up fast!

I’m so excited about the PDC in general – but I think the most exciting part might be what’s coming as part of Oslo. Steve Martin has been talking about it among others.

If you haven’t heard, Oslo isn’t the big wave of products anymore, its been re-defined to mean just three things:

  • Oslo the language (“M”)
  • The repository (for holding models)
  • The visual editor (“Quadrant”)

All three of these are very very cool. Although I have to give the biggest cool factory to “M”, and its ability to allow textual DSLs to be built with ease

One thing I’ve been talking about for years is the benefits of modeling. But the modeling has always been visual (Orchestrations and WF). I think I’ve come to the realization (which clearly the Oslo team has as well) that visual models are useful for a certain portion of the developer population, but for the most part developers like to write code, which means text.

Whether you are coming to the PDC or not, look out for the DSL capabilities of M