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Stockholm BizTalk User Group – thanks guys!

I just got back from two weeks in Denmark and Sweden. Had a great time, met a number of really interesting and smart people and all my host’s hospitality was just incredible!

For those of you that came to the talk I did on REST at the Stockholm BizTalk User Group meeting – here is the code and the slides (796.71 KB)

Also – I just have to say, this group is one of the best User Groups I’ve ever spoken at. From the travel to the talk itself it was a great experience. Thanks again!

Hi-REST , Lo-REST didn't we already decide this?

I’ve seen a number of posts, videos, and now a conference talk abstract talking about Lo-REST versus Hi-REST

I thought this was already a closed issue

See Dare’s post

There isn’t anything that is “Lo-REST”, there are services that follow the constraints of the REST architectural style, and those that don’t (sometimes those that don’t have a good reason not to)

Some of this seems to revolve around some clients not supporting all verbs, this is easily fixed with the X-HTTP-Method-Override HTTP header

My next post hopefully will show how easy this is to implement using WCF extensibility.