Monthly Archives: July 2008


Just finished the main writing stage for the REST book.  Wow books are hard (people ask me all the time why I dont’ write a book on BizTalk and or WF and sometimes I forget why – books are hard).

Next week I’m teaching the R2 course for Pluralsight in NY.  Should be fun.  Sam will be sitting in, so that should add some color to the course ;-).

Also, Monday night I’m doing a talk at the NY Connected Systems User Group.  Come by if you are in the area. 


Code and links from my webcast

Thanks to those of you that attended my web cast today.  Here is the link to a book that has coverage of .NET 3.5  –

For learning about WF – here is the MSDN WF developer center – which is a good place to start for info about WF –

And here is the code that I used today – (273.37 KB)

Thanks again to the all attendees!