Monthly Archives: January 2008

Early spring cleaning

So I was cleaning out my desk and found something that I would have blogged about had I had a blog when it happened :)

People tend to think of me as a BizTalk guy – but before that I was really an ASP and then ASP.NET guy.  On one of the early ASP.NET mailing lists Scott Guthrie challenged us to write an application that hosted ASP.NET outside of IIS (this of course if now all documented – but it wasn’t at the time).  I was the first (or one of the first) people to do this (the only thing I remember is having to use PInvoke and LoadLibrary to load the aspnet_isapi.dll into the process for stuff to work) and he sent me a hat (which I still have somewhere) and a signed .NET Framework CD.  Fun days.

Also funny that my next post will likely be able hosting ASP.NET outside of IIS.