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On my way to TechEd EMEA

At MSP right now – will be in Barcelona tomorrow (tuesday) morning.  My session is on Friday at 9:


SBP302 Building an Enterprise-Wide Instrumentation Solution Using the Microsoft BizTalk BAM Infrastructure  
Jon Flanders
Business Activity Monitoring (BAM) is a powerful feature of BizTalk Server and is often marketed as allowing “the business” to understand what is happening within your BizTalk solution. BAM does this really well, but it can in fact be used in a variety of other ways which can deliver huge value to customers and address a number of issues they have with BizTalk based solutions and non-BizTalk based solutions. In this session, we cover some of the fundamentals of BAM and detail how you can utilize BAM to collect a variety of information and produce a “tracking portal” which you can use to support your application, perform manual repair of messages, and generally observe your solution. We also show how BAM is not just for BizTalk solutions and how it can be used to produce an enterprise-wide instrumentation solution that is highly scalable and flexible; we touch on the new Windows Workflow Foundation and Windows Communication Foundation (WCF) BAM Interceptor technology that enables data to be collected from Workflows and WCF services enabling a true end-to-end instrumentation solution.  
Fri Nov 9 09:00 – 10:15 Room 121


Please come by room 121 and say hello (or feel free to say hello anytime during the week ;-)).