Monthly Archives: June 2007

Hosting workflows in BizTalk

I’ve been pretty quiet lately – mostly because I’ve been working on this project for hosting workflows inside of BizTalk 24×7 (well more like 16×7  – I’m too old to do 24×7 anymore even with RedBull).  Its been really fun getting this code to work (generating orchestrations from workflows).

Feel free you can feel free to contact me if you have question and look for more posts about this sample and how it works.

TechEd Session

I just got done with my TechEd session on using WF and WCF – if you attended the session – here is the code: (474.59 KB).  If you didn’t attend my session “This is not the code you are looking for …..” ;-)

Thanks for everyone who came (295 people – wow!). 

BTW – here are the three best and worst thing about teched 2007 according to the people in my session:

1)HOL (hands on labs)
2)Just the Information
3)BOF (birds of a feather sessions)

1)Bathrooms (this was the men only of course)
3)Session are too short

My 15 seconds of fame (aka Jon Flanders of Jon Flanders' Delivery Service)

So today I was lucky enough to be invited on stage during the TechEd 2007 Keynote.

I got the job of carrying a box that was tagged with an RFID tag.  You can watch the video here . I appear at 1:09:11 (not that you shouldn’t watch the whole thing ;-))


Here I am carrying a box that has an RFID label on it.  Mike Woods is about to scan the RFID tage with an RFID reader.   He annouced me as being “Jon Flanders from Jon Flanders’ delivery service” :-)

So why am I up on stage holding a box?  Have I given up dev for package delivery?

The reason I was lucky enough to be on stage with Mike Woods and Bob Muglia – is that I wrote the RFID event handler code that was used in the software for the keynote.  It took the tag read from the device – and then enriched the data with GPS data from a GPS deviced that was attached to the same computer that the RFID reader is attached to.  Pretty cool stuff.

You can read more about Microsoft BizTalk RFID here.  Many thanks to Cathexis – who provided the RFID reader device