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BizTalkGenerateStrongName Redux

I’ve been traveling the world (ok technically traveling to Redmond, London or Dublin) teaching BizTalk Server 2006 R2 training.  I have some interesting posts planned around the technology in R2 – this post is about a tool I built quite a while ago – and that Carlos Medina improved.  I’ve been doing demos around BizTalk and one of the tedious things I find when developing with BizTalk is that there isn’t anyway to “auto-sign” a BizTalk project.  If you’ve ever seen me demo BizTalk – I always at some point create a BizTalk project – and I have a tool under the Tools menu in Visual Studio which autogenerates a .snk file and puts in the proper path to that file in my project settings.  Another thing I’ve done since building that tool is work alot with vsi files in Visual Studio (template files) which allow you to package up a addin, template, or macro into a nice easy to install package.  So here is the latest BizTalkGenerateStrongName code as well as a vsi.  Just download and double-click the vsi – and you should get a new tool the next time you open Visual Studio.  Highlight your BizTalk project in the solution explorer – then hit the BizTalkGenerateStrongName command under the Tools menu.  Enjoy. (60.61 KB)

biztalkgeneratestrongname.vsi (19.88 KB) – you must unzip the file to get the msi


My two weeks in Ireland are winding down

I’ve spent the last two weeks in Ireland doing training on R2 for BizTalk team.   Had some very interested students – especially in the EDI and RFID areas. 

I also got to spend some time with the MS and community people here – just great people – always up for a pint.  Thanks Clare, Rob, and Philip McKeown (you should really blog there Philip) for taking me out to the smallest pub in Dublin.

BTW – Clare I found out was at least partially responsible for this ( – this may not be work safe in all parts of the world so be careful – I do love Podge and Rodge though)

My first Pluralsight course

Sorry for the lack of blogging – I have a bunch of good posts on WF/WCF and BizTalk R2 planned -but I’ve been busy flying around the world running Microsoft’s jumpstart program on BizTalk R2.   I am excited to announce Pluralsight’s Applied BizTalk R2 course  (I think the first public course offering of a BizTalk Server 2006 R2 course – although I could be wrong)/


The first offering will be in my home town of LA –  – on my birthday no less!.  Come to LA – learn about BizTalk R2 and we’ll go hang out in Hollywood with Paris Hilton for my birthday (oh wait – maybe not)… how about the beach? …. sushi?  (well – we’ll figure out something fun to do..)