Monthly Archives: February 2007

2007 is the year for big changes I guess ….

On the personal front – I’m getting married in March – big personal change (well – not really when you’ve been engaged for over 5 years! – LOL)! 

On the technology front – I’ve decided to join Pluralsight!  Aaron just made the announcement on his blog –

I’m very excited to get to work with the team of guys I used to work with (Aaron, Fritz, Keith, Ted, Ian, Craig, Kirk, Mike, Joe, Dan, and Brian) as well as the guys at Pluralsight I haven’t worked with yet (Matt and Scott).  We will have a pretty formitable team of BizTalk and Workflow talent, so if you are looking for training on those technologies (or the many other technologies we train) send Scott and Bill an email –

Looking forward to an exciting year!