Monthly Archives: December 2006

My tour of Ireland is finished

What an awesome two weeks.  First I’d like to thank Clare Dillon for setting up the tour, and then all the user group leaders and people that came out to here me talk about WF.  For those of you who came – here is the zip file of the slides and the demos I did over those nights.

I’d like to thank all the user group leaders personally:

Mick Luan in Galway.

Joe Gill in Cork.

Derek Noonan in Limerick.

Philip McKeown in Dublin.

Damien McGivern and Simon Philips in Beflast

Lots of technology was shared – mostly over pints ;-), and a great time was had by all. Can’t wait to come back to Ireland again.

WF tour of Ireland! Yippee

So I currently am doing a tour of user groups in Ireland talking about WF.  Could not be a better combo – one of my favor countries in the world – plus one of my favorite technologies!  Yipee!!!!

Anyway if you are in Ireland and reading this – here are the dates:



Galway; Thur, Dec 7th, 7:30pm – Harbour Hotel
Cork; Mon, Dec 11th, 7pm – Imperial Hotel
Limerick; Tue, Dec 12th, 7pm – Pegasus Suite, Clarion Hotel, Steamboat Quay, Limerick
Dublin; Wed, Dec 13th, 7pm – Morrison Hotel
Belfast; Thurs, Dec 14th, 7:30pm – Queen’s University:

Please come.  And yes blogging will continue on technical topics soon – I felt sympathy for Kimberly Tripp (  I have been to Hong Kong, Norway, Turkey, and now Ireland just since the end of September!  Love those miles – but now have lost my luggage for the second time.