Monthly Archives: November 2005

Per-instance pipeline UI for BizTalk Server 2006

Earlier I posted a utility to easily do per-instance pipelining in BizTalk Server 2004 (see,guid,2f6500ae-d832-495f-92a3-f7032ef317ca.aspx)

Here is a version that works with BizTalk Server 2006.


Note – to make the UI work – you have to COM register the MyBizTalkSS.dll dll, and put the Interop.MyBizTalkSSLib.dll in the pipelineviewerobj directory into the GAC. (754.05 KB)

Very simple state-machine based workflow implementing multiple operations as a Web Service

Whew  – that’s quite the title.  Here is a very simple example that uses a state-machine workflow to implement more than one operation from an exposed Web Service.

I’ll try to post another example which doesn’t use the built-in WebServiceReceive shape, which would allow a more long-running workflow which wouldn’t rely on ASP.NET Session for its “correlation”, which this one does (which is the out of the box integration for connecting up clients to long-running workflows hosted as Web Services in ASMX). (120.84 KB)