Monthly Archives: October 2005

Wow – what a week last week was

So Guerrilla BizTalk Server 2006 started out with a bang last week – we had a great group of 65 students, with four instructors: Rich Blewett, Jerry Anderson, Bob Lynch, and me :).  We had lots of visits from Mike Woods (who always gratiously provides foil for me), as well as Scott Woodgate, and Eddie Churchill did his “BizTalk Futures” talk – and spent over two hours!  Way more time than he had at PDC or even in the Channel 9 video he did on the topic.  Lots of BizTalk learning and fun was had.

One thing I told Shannon about was that one of the students mentioned that I reminded him of Kevin Smith – I said “Kevin Smith?  The MS employee who blogs a lot about BizTalk? He laughed and said “No – Kevin Smith the DIRECTOR!”.  Which is pretty funny considered I went as Silent Bob two Halloweens ago :)

I’ll have more to post about last week I am sure.  As I start to wind down finally :)